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SO it was 50 years ago today... October 5, 1962, and the release of The Beatles' first single Love Me Do - and the beginning of a story that will still be evolving 50 years from now.

Hello everybody.
I'm delighted to announce that my second book - Beatlemania! - The Real Story Of The Beatles UK Tours - has sold its first run and has been reprinted.
And the really good news is that version two contains three photos of The Beatles on stage on only the second gig of their very first full UK tour.
The pictures, taken by photographer Charlie Worsdale who was working at the time for the Foto news agency, show the soon-to-be Fab Four in action at The Gaumont cinema in Doncaster on Tuesday, February 5, 1963, just as Please Please Me was smashing its way up the charts to give the group their first big hit.
Charlie's three photos are believed to be the only pictures in existence of The Beatles on stage in their first full UK tour.
We are used to seeing pictures of John with the familiar harmonica holder around his neck, Bob Dylan style, but one of these three unique photos shows John holding the harmonica up against the microphone.
I'm delighted to announce that more than 230 Waterstones stores nationwide are stocking Beatlemania, which is published by Omnibus Press, the world's largest publisher of music related books.
Beatlemania! has been years in the making, featuring a gig-by-gig account of the six UK tours of the Fab Four between the beginning of 1963 and the end of 1965.
Included are interviews with pop stars who joined The Beatles on those tours, plus the memories of national music writers and regional reporters and photographers who covered the shows, cinema managers and staff who hosted them, the fans lucky enough to have been there and the policemen who had the duty of protecting those fans (and The Beatles) from themselves. There is even the odd anecdote from hoteliers who had the privilege of putting up the world's favourite pop group for a night.
Beatlemania! - The Real Story Of The Beatles UK Tours is of course also available through Amazon and other online stores and in all good book shops.
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STOP PRESS: Omnibus have now set up a Beatlemania Facebook page for fans to chat on all things Beatle and to enjoy videos, Beatle gossip and games. To celebrate the book, Omnibus will be giving away prizes as the number of Likes increases so be sure to give the page a tick, share your thoughts and tell your friends about it.
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